Use of Force Training & Certification

Use of Force Training & Certification

Increase your qualifications within the security industry. The GCTactical Use of Force, Handcuffing and Baton training program will ensure you receive proper training in the use of handcuffs, baton and basic self-defence techniques. Get your Handcuffing & Baton Certification. This program is Internationally recognized and is offered in both Online & In-class training options.

The GCTactical Handcuffing & Use of Force Training Program will ensure you receive the proper training and knowledge in the use of Handcuffs and Expandable Baton.

Online & In-class Training Options Available.

This 8 hour training program provides the candidate with proper Take-Down Techniques, Subject Control Tactics, as well as Ground Defence Techniques. 

A Use of Force Competency Certification Card is provided upon successful completion of the program. This program contains both handcuffing, as well as the expandable baton component.

The program and certification is currently recognized and is in use by major corporations and private security agencies in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Upon completion of the training program, you will receive a digital copy of your certificate sent by email, as well as a physical copy of your certificate and a wallet card mailed to your home address.

The online program can be completed from your home computer, laptop or smart phone. This program can be completed on your own time and pace.

GCT is an Internationally Recognized Use of Force System which has been modified from current police procedures to accommodate the specific training requirements of the Private Security Industry.