Why is Use of Force training so important

Why is Use of Force training so important

Security Professionals keep order, respond fast in emergencies, and undergo special training for using force. Discover the advantages of Use of Force training and certification today..

Security Professionals are essential for safety. They maintain order and act quickly in emergencies, protecting lives and property. But sometimes, things can escalate quickly and they have to use force. 

Proper force training and certification ensure security professionals handle out-of-control situations effectively. This way, they’ll maintain order without unnecessary harm to themselves or the property they serve.

This guide will elaborate on the use of force continuum and its progression, highlighting how security professionals apply force in different situations.

The Use of Force for Security Professionals

In security work, “use of force” means taking necessary actions to handle a situation. It can range from using a strong presence and giving verbal commands to physical control when necessary. All security  professionals still need to follow these key principles:

  1. Proportionality: They use only the necessary amount of force for the situation—no more, no less.
  2. Necessity: Force is applied when absolutely needed to handle the situation appropriately.
  3. De-escalation: The focus remains on calming things down and avoiding the need for force when possible to prioritize a peaceful resolution.

The use of force continuum is a step-by-step guide for security professionals on how to respond in different situations. It starts with their presence and verbal commands, then moves to physical control if necessary, and, in extreme cases, to using force like non-lethal methods or, in rare situations, lethal force. 

Legal Landscape for Security Professionals

The legal framework for security professionals varies by region but generally involves rules on when and how force can be used. Laws, including constitutional rights and state regulations, guide security professionals. They’re required to apply force reasonably and only when necessary, considering factors like the severity of the situation and whether a threat is present.

When it comes to security professionals, the key is using “reasonable force.” This means they should only use as much force as needed for the situation, keeping it sensible and necessary. Misusing force, going beyond what’s reasonable, can lead to legal trouble and liabilities.

Why Security Professionals Need Use of Force Training and Certification

Use of Force Training and Certification teaches security professionals the right way to handle difficult situations. Here are the benefits of the training for security personnel:

Improved Decision-Making

The training teaches them how to size up what’s happening, figure out the right amount of force to use, and make smart choices even when things get intense. They can handle their job more effectively, keeping everyone safe and avoiding unnecessary harm. Certification shows they’ve got the skills to make tough decisions under pressure.

Improved Skills and Techniques

Use of force training teaches security professionals the different ways to de-escalate situations, control things physically when needed, and use defensive tools effectively if they have them. They can respond appropriately and keep things under control, making everyone feel safe.

Increased Confidence and Professionalism

Security personnel feel more confident about dealing with tough situations, knowing they have the right skills. Certification shows they’ve committed to high standards and are equipped to handle their job with confidence, which boosts trust from employers and the community.

Reduced Risk and Liability

Employees can learn how to handle situations in a way that minimizes the chances of anyone getting hurt and avoids using more force than necessary. By doing things the right way, security professionals lower the risk of legal trouble and excessive force, making their work safer and more secure.

GC Tactical’s Use of Force Training Program

GC Tactical stands out as a world-class provider of globally recognized use of force training and certification. Their program is designed to equip security professionals with advanced skills through a comprehensive DUAL | HANDCUFFING & BATON Certification Program.

This program covers crucial aspects such as passive and active resistant handcuffing, takedown arrest techniques, knife defence, and the use of expandable batons. It’s not just basic training; it goes deep into practical skills essential for real-world situations.


Security professionals must stay informed about the laws and regulations applicable to their work. This ensures they understand expectations and avoids legal issues. Being up-to-date also helps them perform their job confidently and within legal boundaries. By opting for the right training, professionals can make a big difference in their service, and GC Tactical ensures individuals are well-prepared.