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How do I complete this training?

Once each topic or lesson has been completed, your course outline will indicate as “completed” by changing color to green. Once all topics have been completed, you may begin the next Lesson.  Once you complete your final exam, your training course is completed automatically.

 What do I do when I have completed this course?

When you have successfully completed this course, you will receive a confirmation email informing you of your final mark. It is your responsibility to contact your hiring agency, and notify them of your course completion and final mark.  Your hiring agency will also be provided with your final score.  Your hiring agency will determine whether you have satisfied all the training requirements to their satisfaction, and will provide you with further information necessary to register for the provincial security test.

 I have a question about the content of a lesson, topic, or any other question about working in the security industry or becoming licensed as a security guard?

You should contact your Hiring Security Agency

 Who do I contact if I have a technical question about using this website?

You should contact GuardCourse support by emailing your issue to, or contact one of our live agents when available.