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Security Guard & P.I Registration

To be eligible to apply for a security guard license in the province of Ontario, you are required to have a valid Emergency Level First Aid & CPR Certification.  If you are applying for a Private Investigator License, a First Aid certificate is Not required.

The First Aid Component of the Online Security Guard Training is completed in-class and is not offered as an online course.  If you currently posses a First Aid Certificate, you are not required to re-certify.

If you are registering for a training package that includes First Aid Training, an instructor will followup with you shortly with a list of course dates and locations to chose from once your registration has been processes.  Locations are available throughout Ontario and will be scheduled in your City.  Classes are held weekly, and you may chose from any of the available dates and locations once you are contacted by one of our service representatives.

Once your registration is completed, you will be emailed within 24 hours with your username and password to login and begin your online training.

If you are registering for in-class training, you will receive your confirmation once your registration is complete.

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