For those wishing to acquire restricted firearms in Canada (handguns), you require a firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL), with both restricted and non restricted endorsement. You must complete the training for (Non-Restricted) firearms as a prerequisite to completing the (Restricted Firearms) course.

Our training curriculum combines both required courses, the CFSC (Canadian Firearms Safety Course) & CRFSC (Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course). Once you have complete this two day training program, you will be eligible to apply for your (P.A.L)


Course Outline

-Introduction, including the Vital Four ACTS
-Introduction to firearms
-Basic firearms safety, including PROVE
-Operating firearms actions
-Safe handling and carrying of  restricted & non-restricted firearms
-Firing techniques and procedures for restricted & non-restricted firearms
-Care of restricted & non-restricted firearms
-Social responsibilities of the firearms owner/user
-Safe storage, display, transportation & handling of restricted & non-restricted firearms





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